Pay your Municipal Tax at a Cash Point

MOT cashpoints OnLMotril Town Hall has installed a system whereby you can pay your municipal taxes using your credit/debit card. OK, so they’re not cash points, because you can’t get cash out of them, but you know what we mean.

The two such machines have been installed in the central patio of the Town Hall. Vice-Mayor, José García Fuentes and the Councillor for Nuevas Tecnologías, Alfredo Ortega Tovar, can be seen in the photo crooning over the bank-card machines.

“Thanks to this system, we offer a third form for citizens to pay their bills,” said Sr. García Fuentes. Locals have been able to do it by paying in via branches of the BBVA, Caja Granada and Caja Rural as well as via Internet.

The Councillor for the Economy said that the system was ideal for small payments, such as those for bus passes, etc, which should lessen the need to queue up at the relevant office of the Town Hall.

The programme is capable of laughing at you in Spanish, English, French and German… sorry I meant, it has instructions in these four languages.

The press release from the Town Hall goes on to point out that the machine can read the bar codes on the letter containing the bill. So, you just hold the letter up, the machine sniggers and demands your bank card, etc…

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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