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Looking Back: ATM Mugging

By Martin Myall

Much like last month's article from a decade back, La Herradura was going through a rough patch owing to muggings, flashers and a whole range of unsavoury happenings. »

Guilty of Call-Girl Swindling

By Martin Myall

A man has just been sentenced to 2-years' imprisonment by the Málaga Provincial Court for failing to pay a call girl in Salobreña. »

Mugging Suspects Arrested

By Martin Myall

Two suspects have been arrested and charged with carrying out muggings, armed with a large knife, in the night-bar area of the Paseo del Altillo, Almuñécar. »

Pay your Municipal Tax at a Cash Point

By Martin Myall

Motril Town Hall has installed a system whereby you can pay your municipal taxes using your credit/debit card. OK, so they're not cash points, because you can't get cash out of them, but you know what we mean. »

Generous Accommodation

By Martin Myall

Two tramps or vagrants were arrested in Albacete, Castilla La Mancha, accused of the misappropriation of 700 euros. »

Missed Booty

By Martin Myall

A builder was having a coffee in a small bar in Colomera with some friends when he decided to go to the toilet, but absentmindedly left his wallet on the counter - so far, not good. Moments later another local from the town came in, saw the wallet, picked it up and exited rapidly.... »

Cash-Point Mugging

By David Darby

A man, suffering from Parkinson's Disease, was mugged by a young woman at a cashpoint as he withdrew 500 euros »

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