One Man Islamic Invasion

MOT Ave MariaParents, teachers and pupils had a bit of a fright at a Motril school when a man shouted, “We’re going to invade this land and impose Islam.”

The incident occurred in the playground of the Colegio Ave Maria de Varadero and the culprit was a 52-year-old man of Moroccan origin but with Spanish nationality.

His shouted remarks included leaving the pupils “to us” so that they could educated in the faith of Islam with the resurrection of Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain of the Middle Ages).

As if that were not enough activity for a school playground, he proceeded to grab a 4-year-old girl by the arm and drag her off. If it were a kidnapping, it was a pretty unconventional… and unsuccessful.

The girl’s father was not impressed and after a short scuffle snatched his daughter back, handing her over to one of the female teachers. The rest of the teachers told the man to get off the school property but he refused, which was when Superdad came into action again and bundled the man out of the school gates.

Once out of the gates the father managed to immobilize the culprit until the Policia Local arrived. In the process, he received a blow or two to the face and was later attended to at the Santa Ana Hospital.

Apparently, the aggressor had been ‘in action’ over the previous weekend and arrested by the police after he mugged somebody in the streets – he had resisted arrest at the time.

Police sources, after this latest incident, made a statement, assuring that the man was not a kidnapper and was in the possession of ‘disturbed mental faculties.’ Well, no need to rush out and buy a copy of the Koran because the Islamic invasion of Andalucia will have to be put off until our hero with the bubbly brains comes out of prison.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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