A Fiery Neighbour

AND MolotovNeighours can be problematic – you know, the ones that let their dogs crap on your lawn or have music on at full blast in the evening. But most of these inconveniences pale into insignificance beside the neighbour who decided to throw a Molotov Cocktail onto his neighbour’s balcony-cum-terrace.

No, Rafael Salazar Vera really didn’t expect to have a petrol bomb land amongst his geraniums and balcony furniture.

One moment they were inside watching the TV when suddenly, after a thump, the balcony erupted in flames. Quick witted, he threw a wet blanket on the balcony floor and his wife threw bucket after bucket of water on the remaining flames.

So much for a quiet Sunday evening watching the nine o’clock news on the box…

According to witnesses it was an apartment-block neighbour on the 4th floor who had launched the fire bomb – Rafael lives on the 3rd floor.

This time the alleged culprit was led away in handcuffs, and we say ‘this time’ because it was not the first incident involving this person and fire: a car had been set alight in the block-basement car park and everybody had to be evacuated whilst it was extinguished – we’re talking about nearly 200 people.

Shortly after, the alleged culprit assaulted the block janitor

The culprit has everybody in the block on edge and fearful, so much so that they had hired a security guard to keep watch 24 hours a day. Some neighbours decided to move out and others have their suitcases already packed and behind their front doors because the aggressor has them all trembling.

All this is taking place in Granada on Calle Compositor Ruiz Aznar, by the way.

Now, however, the inhabitants of this block of flats can sleep easier, because following this latest incident involving the petrol bomb, the man has been locked up pending trial. He confessed to being the culprit behind all the above mentioned incidents to the judge, who immediately decided to lock the 44-year old up without bail.

However, his first step towards incarceration will be six months in the mental wing of a pubic hospital in the city. Armed with medical reports drawn up during that time, the judge will decide to send him to prison or send him to a mental institution.

A Molotov Cocktail thrown onto your balcony… talk about trick or treat!

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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