Russian Consulate Embargoed

We’ve become so used to hearing of families being evicted from their homes that we’ve become numbed to it. Yet when the foreign consulate staff are evicted from a consulate building, you know that things are going too far.

A judge has ordered the Russian Consulate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to be shut down and the staff evicted for a debt of 2,935 euros. With the closing of these facilities on Calle Franchy Roca in the island’s capital, 10,000 Russian residents have been ‘left in the lurch’ (left in a difficult position without help), not to mention tourists from that country.

The debt of nearly 3,000 euros corresponds to an arrears in rent and the offices have been closed to the public since July.

The judge ordered the Honorary Consul for the Russian Federation, Gonzalo Parada Santana, to make good the said sum, setting the execution of the eviction order for the 21st of November. Furthermore the Consul also has to pay the rent for the months that have elapsed since the proceedings began, as well as court costs.

Hmmm… the main port could be getting a tad busy when the Russian fleet arrives…

(News: Canary Islands, Spain)

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