Blue Zone Squabbles

Even though the blue zoning in Salobreña never materialized during the summer, the controversy that its generated continues.

The opposition party, the PP, called upon the ruling party to lower the local tax on vehicles (IVTM) to compensate the extra costs for citizens generated by blue-zone parking along the beach road and adjacent streets. The PP pointed out that the Mayor, Gonzalo Ferández Pulido, had raised the vehicle tax by 7% last year.

As for the new rubbish-collection tax, PP Spokesman, Rubén Rodríguez said “the discounts that the socialist have applied affect businesses but not simple residents, who will have to pay at a higher rate for rubbish collection than the amount proportional to the amount of rubbish that they generate.”

Councillor for the Economy and Hacienda, Mª Carmen Callejón, responded to the accusations leveled by the PP during the last Plenary Meeting of the Town Council, where the definitive approval of blue zoning was agreed.

She said that she could understand the PP’s accusation that the only reasoning behind the blue zoning was to rake in money, because when two amendments to the bylaw were proposed that lowered the parking rates, instead of supporting them, the PP abstained in the voting.

She added that the vehicle tax has nothing to do with the blue zoning rate, saying that they are not even related.

We think that it was one of the United States Founding Fathers who pointed out that the only two things that are inevitable in this life are death and taxes… He might have added, ‘eternal bickering between politicians.’

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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