A-44 Works Update

It’s official that the work to fix the bridge over the Rules Reservoir won’t commence until the beginning of October. The end of September was originally contemplated.

The completion time, however, remains with a wide margin between three and six months. Many would consider, however, that judging by other autovia work, even six months could be optimistic if ‘unforeseen problems’ should arise.

On the north side of the bridge they are going to rivet the hillside with piles to stabilize it. The flat piece of land on which north end sits will be removed and replaced with bridge pillars.

To do this, one side of the bridge will be closed and the traffic reduced to one lane each way, then the other side closed and the lanes in use moved over. Finally, the bridge will be completely closed for short periods and traffic diverted along the old N-323 between the Ízbor bridge and the Velez-Benaudalla bridge.

The problem is that the N-323 is not in very good shape itself. If you take the time to explore the old parking area/miradores that are closed off, you will see that they have slipped down towards the reservoir, leaving a once flat parking area in a serious of shelves with an overall drop of two to three metres.

And then, heading towards Granada before coming to the Ízbor junction, you find the N-323 channelled into provision lanes by cones, because the side of the road is completely buckled. See the photographs and videos that accompany this article.

Note: we will be adding the photos and video during the course of tomorrow

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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