Policemen Acquitted of Attacking Musician

A Brazilian musician in the city of Granada reported four Policía Local as having caused him bodily injuries in December 2012. The case has finally come before a judge and the said policemen acquitted.

Now, the reason that the judge decided in favour of the accused was because a fellow musician, a friend of the injured party, said that at no time did he see the policemen hitting his friend. He stated, however, that he had seen his friend fall over in the toilets of a bar.

And that’s where it all went pear shaped; in a bar in Calle Elvira after a particularly ‘soggy session.’ The two Brazilian musicians, both of whom belonged to the Orquestra Ciudad de Granada, became, let us say, boisterous, so much so that the bar proprietor decided to call the municipal police, because the behaviour of the two men was turning customers away.

Four policemen arrived and “invited them to leave the establishment,” whilst at the same time asking them for identity documents. One of the musicians complied but the other was not so keen. He left the building, crossed the street and entered another bar, with the policemen not far behind. There, they asked for his papers again.

According to the friend (some friend!) and the policemen, the man twice fell over causing himself “slight damage.” He was finally identified and was accompanied home by his friend. The next day, however, he reported that he had been “roughed up” by the policemen.

Anyway, the judge would have none of it and acquitted the policemen. One could only add, that he should think himself lucky that he was not a Brazilian electrician living in London…

(News, Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)