Beach Regeneration

The gale-beaten beaches of the Costa Tropical will have 100,000 euros spent on them to bring them up to scratch for the summer, says the Central Government, through the Ministry for the Environment.

Some beaches are in good shape, but others like the ones in Carchuna, La Rábita and Cotobro could do with being topped up with sand – or what goes for sand on the Costa Granadina.

Funds have been tight and the town halls along the coast have few financial resources to make their beaches welcoming for tourists, so this announcement from Costas has been received with jubilation.

Work began during last month and should conclude by San Juan on the 23rd of June. Carchuna’s beaches: Chucha, Perla and the camping one, require 10,000 cubic metres of sand between them. Cotobro beach eats up sand as if it were going out of fashion and this year is no exception, with 3,500 cubic metres being destined for its regeneration. La Rábita will have 5,000 cubic metres, plus work done on the electric wiring on the paseo that was exposed by wave damage.

Other beaches to receive attention are in Castell de Ferro and, Casarones, Marmola, Los Yesos and Playa Granada.

It’s not the material in itself that is the expensive part, but its transportation, working out at around six to ten euros a cubic metre, which includes, the machinery that is used to spread it out once it arrives.

The sea, of course, does it for free, but as King Canut found out, it is not open to requests, so it is a case of finding out where the sea has dumped the sand that it has taken from the beaches and bringing it back in lorries.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)