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Marina Beach Beef

LHR Marina Beach Step

The end of summer is just around the corner and the focus on the maintenance of beaches is waning, which has Playa Marina del Este panicking.

Failed Fish Farms

Salobreña-based fish-farming companies have come and gone and fish pens have multiplied, then almost fizzled out again until obtaining their present state.

Funds for Castigated Coast

FP Coastal Repairs

The regional representative of the Central Government, Antonio Sanz, announced that Madrid would be spending nearly 47m euros on coastal repairs. As for the Costa Tropical, it will receive 1,120,000 euros of the above sum – the majority of the 46.670,000 euros is going to the more badly hit coastlines of Huelva and Cádiz. The…

Roadworks in Lobres

SAL Lobres Work

On Friday the 6th work began on the old irrigation-channel lane in Lobres, which had been damaged in a storm in 2005. By the 20th, the work should have concluded.

Eternal Paseo Work

SAL Paseo Work Salomar OnL

At a recent Plenary Meeting of the Salobreña Town Council a motion was passed to petition the Central Government on the final stage of the paseo work.