Hippy in the Rubbish

Workers at the rubbish recycling plant near Vélez de Benaudalla had a shock when the body of a man appeared on the conveyor belt. It was 15.00h on Tuesday the 21st of May when cadaver appeared.

The dead man, aged between 30 and 50, had long hair and was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The identity of the man has not been established, nor how his body ended up moving along the conveyor belt.

Two theories being considered by the police is that it either arrived arrived in a rubbish-collection lorry from Almuñécar, or by the refuse lorry that comes through the alpujarra from Cádiar.

Workers described the dead man as having a ‘foreign appearance,’ probably from Eastern Europe and that from his clothes and hair length, described him as a “sort of hippy.” Mind you, anybody that travels in a refuse truck, having gone through the vehicles crusher wouldn’t come out looking precisely like a yuppie, would they?

In fact, the Guardia Civil are looking into whether any of the injuries on the body could have been caused prior to death; i.e., not caused by the vehicles internal mechanisms. Some of the injuries could have been caused through being run over by a car, for example; a hypothesis under consideration.

STOP PRESS: Further information has confirmed that the body arrived in a refuse-collection lorry from Almuñecar and that the injuries sustained corresponded to the mechanism within the vehicle; i.e., he was not dead when he was scooped up.

Although the man has still not been identified, police believe that he was a vagabond living in Almuñécar and that he had probably fallen into the container whilst searching it and then fallen asleep. The autopsy is still being carried out to ascertain whether the man was drunk or high.

It is also worth noting that a similar incident occurred in 2006 when the body of a 32-year-old man turned up at the same recycling plant but this time from Motril.

(News: Velez de Benaudalla, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)