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Busy Weekend for Mountain Rescue

The Guardia Civil Mountain Rescue unit, Sereim, is busy all year round; in summer just as much as winter, rescuing people in the Sierra Nevada area. They were called out four times in just one July weekend.

Unpardonable Optimist

A driver offered two Guardia Civll policemen a bribe in exchange for cancelling the traffic fine that they had just written out – the were not amused.

Hippy in the Rubbish

Workers at the rubbish recycling plant near Vélez Benaudalla had a shock when the body of a man appeared on the conveyor belt. It was 15.00h on Tuesday the 21st of May when cadaver appeared.

Postbox Peril

(Alpujarra) A couple in Cádiar were arrested for allegedly fraudulently obtaining 21,000 euros from five victims, thanks to personal information stolen from their letterbox.