Sad Day in Jayena

Sunday the 14th saw the burial of Marcos H.M. who had been knocked over and killed in Málaga Friday night. Jayena is his mother’s home town and where his remains will rest.

According to official accounts, Marcos had left the Fiesta de Primavera street party, which was being held on the Málaga fairground and had attempted to cross the autovia A-357 with a group of friends more or less where the Escuela de Informática is – he was lagging behind together with another friend.

It was as they were crossing that the friend received a call on his mobile and passed it to Marcos, which was when a vehicle hit him.

Marcos was an excellent student and had being doing well in his studies in Arquitectura Técnica before deciding to change his career studies for Industrial Engineer at the Escuela Superior at the University of Málaga.

Marcos’s father is from Arenas de Rey and his mother from Jayena, both ran a cafetería in the Plaza San Isidro, in Granada, in front of the Faculty for Medicine.

(News: Jayena, Poniente de Granada, Granada, Andalucia)