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Councillor Fined for Slander

By Martin Myall

A councillor from Arenas del Rey (near the Pantano de Bermejales) has been sentenced to pay 3,500 euros in compensation to a corporal in the Guardia Civil for slander. »

Cortijo Shootout over Drugs

By Martin Myall

You would think nothing ever happens in Arenas del Rey near the Pantano de Los Bermejales, but you would be wrong: gunshots in the night. »

Resinera Car Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

A middle-age man was killed in a car accident on Boxing Day near Fornes, which belongs to the municipality of Arenas del Rey. »

Strong Earth Tremor

By Hugh MacArthur

There was an earth Tremor at 09.41h today, registering 4.1 on the Richter Scale making it one of the strongest in the province in 20 years. »

La Resinera Gets Funding

By Martin Myall

Have you ever been up to La Resinera just off Arenas del Rey, near the Pantano de Bermejales? Beautiful and Interesting spot. »

A Bit Dim

By Hugh MacArthur

A man phoned the police to say that thieves had broken into his home, beaten him up and stolen his property... but there was a problem. »

Sad Day in Jayena

By Vanessa Bosch

Sunday the 14th saw the burial of Marcos H.M. who had been knocked over and killed in Malaga Friday night. Jayena is his mother's home town and where his remains will rest. »

Juanca Pranged His Bally Kite

By Editor

Or if you would prefer it in plain English, instead of RAF WW2 banter: Juan Carlos Gomez, Infoca pilot based in near the Pantano de Bermejales, crash landed after hitting a cable. »

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