Romeria Pago de Guerra

Thanks to a change of weather, the Pago de Guerra Romería was blessed by sun – sounds crazy to say such a thing on the Costa Tropical, but it has been rather wet.

The romería was organized by the Asociación de Vecinos  del Pago de Guerra Alto, with the backing of the Town Hall. The mass was given in the chapel by the parish priest, Rubén Pino. This particular romeria goes back 13 years by the way.

Of course, the whole point of a romería is to transport the corresponding Virgen (in this case the Virgen de Fátima) to the corresponding chapel in the countryside, accompanied by horse riders and decorated carts, plus a good spattering of guitars, singing, wine and food. The procession made a pit stop at the cortijo known as El Arbolito, where much of the food and drink disappeared in the appropriate manner.

This year, in the food department, the locals organized a huge puchero de hinojos (fennel stew) but everybody worked their way up to that with crude broad beans and salted belly pork

When the evening fell, all involved made their way home again, accept the Virgen, who was sensibly parked at the chapel for subsequent veneration.

Next month, Andalucía’s most famous romeria, El Rocío along the coast in Huelva, will take place on Whit Sunday (Pentecost); i.e. this year, the 19th of May.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Juan Manuel de Haro)