Body of an Elderly Foreigner Found

The body of an elderly Dutchman was found on the pathway above Playa del Muerto in the evening of Good Friday (29th). Two women out walking found the 76-year-old’s body around 19.30h.

Apparently, the victim lived in Las Peñuelas in Almuñécar and whose initials are W.J., according to the Guardia Civil.

The first thing that the women found was blood stains next to the track which joins the said beach to Marina del Este. They followed the trail of blood and saw the body face down, near a rocky area, some 15 metres from the water. They immediately contacted the emergency services.

The Guardia Civil and Policía Local arrived, together with medical staff from Almuñécar, who could only confirm the man’s death. In order to inspect the body the police turned the man over and found a knife in his stomach. Furthermore, the knife was attached to his wrist by a cord.

The news surprised many locals who knew the man – he was often seen in the area of the supermarkets in Calle Larache, riding a pushbike.

This is all the information that we received from the official town-hall press release and what is known to date.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)