Unemployment Staff Laid Off

Half of the staff at the Baza Unemployment Office have lost their jobs, which doesn’t sound reassuring, to say the least.

The local branch of the PP have denounced that the reduction in the number of workers at the Oficina de Empleo for the Baza area has left it with only six staff. The last three dismissals, says the local party leader, María José Martín, were three workers employed to instruct people without jobs on how to find work – they now have the chance to see how their advice works, evidently.

Sra. Martín wonders how just six staff can cater for a population of 10,500, especially, she claims, as there are now more “chiefs than indians” at the Unemployment Office. She backed up this claim by listing the following: one area manager, one office manager, two area heads; one for job offers and the other for work seekers, one office clerk and one ‘specialist.’

(News: Baza, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)