Driver-Friendly Salobreña

Salobreña is making it very clear that if you want to come to Salobreña to spend your holidays, then it is almost a certainty that you are going to come by car, which is why the town goes out of its way to make sure you can find somewhere to park… and no ‘blue zones,’ even in the height of summer.

A free-parking area on what can only be described as a ‘huge expanse of land,’ has just been opened up for the summer visitors, just behind El Parque La Fuente, which is reasonably close to the beach, to compliment the already existing free parking areas. You might have to walk a couple of hundred metres, but at least you can park and spend the day on the beach without worrying if your parking ticket is about to expire.

Another plot of land behind La Guardia, also belonging to the Town Hall, has been similarly adapted to summer-parking needs.

Furthermore, to ensure the unrestricted flow of traffic along the beach road, from the beginning of this month the one-way system is in place, whilst at the same time permitting parking on both sides of the road.

The Mayor, Gonzalo Fernández Pulido, however, said that the gloves were off as far as abusing the beach goes, meaning that tent cities and littering will not be tolerated as, he says, it’s a negative image that the town cannot permit.”

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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