Underhand Dealings

It was meant to be a straight forward drug deal, with nearly a kilo of cocaine changing hands for just over 60,000 euros, but it in fact changed hands in exchange for a discharge from an tazer and a spot of good old fashion aggression in general.

On the 24th of November 2010, José A.C. arrived at a prearranged meeting place (a gasoline station) after driving down from Madrid with the 63%-pure drug strapped to his body – doesn’t sound like a very comfortable drive, does it? Upon arrival he met up with Elvis (we kid you not) A.M., who was José’s go between with the clients. They they drove off to the next rendezvous, this time with the buyer, which was in a large garage in Pulianas.

The buyer, Pedro V.E. was there, accompanied by two others, none of whom looked inclined to hand over money, which was when José was taken out with a tazer and Elvis was rock’n’rolled around the garage. Elvis, in between contact with fists and boots, agreed to take them to where the drug was – the drug was really still strapped to José, who had been locked in a car boot for safe keeping.

Elvis and his admirers then drove off back to the gasoline station. Luckily for Elvis, a Guardia Civil patrol car was filling up at the garage, so Elvis took the opportunity to jump out of the car and run across to the policemen for help. Pedro and one accomplice were so surprised that they just sat there, as the policemen walked menacingly across, but the other accomplice considered that ‘distance’ was a good option and jumped out and ran off.

Fast forward to now and we have all five men up before the judge, but with Pedro and his ‘helpers’ coming off worse, judicially speaking, (five years) as he is charged with possession of illegal drugs – although still strapped to José in the back of the car, possession of an illegal weapon – a real pistol and a rather long knife, and robbery. The ‘victims’ received a lighter sentence of only three years.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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