Blue Zones Extended

If you asked people in Almuñécar how the new Mayor was doing, most would have given her a pass mark; as soon as she came into office she reduced blue-zone hours, injecting some common sense into the affair. The same could be said for other issues. Which is why her latest decision on extended blue zones has taken everybody aback, not least, the Fermín Tejero of the IU party.

To be voted in as the mayor, she needed the votes of the IU, the PA and one of the PSOE  councillors, to outnumber the CA candidate, Juan Carlos Benavides. There was never a pact, but rather an ‘understanding’ that would give her the minimum votes necessary. A formal pact came later, with the PA, which is why we have two PA councillors in the municipal government. We point this out to clarify why the IU councillor should be at odds with the PP Mayor – there is no pact between their two parties.

What has caused this ‘ripple’ is the ruling party’s decision to extend the blue-zone contract for the town’s paseos that ran out in December; she had promised that she would only renew it after extensive modifications; i.e., fewer hours and fewer streets. This was in recognition of the fact that the blue zoning of the beaches was doing harm to the tourist trade. Furthermore, she had made it an election pledge. In fact, the only party that wasn’t against blue zoning the beaches was the ex-Mayor’s, the Covergencia Andaluza.

Almuñécar & La Herradura have three different contracts with the company that runs the blue zones: one for the Almuñécar beaches (paseos) one for the centre of Almuñécar and one for La Herradura. The idea had been that when the beach ones expired in December, they would not be renewed until the town-centre one expired in June, so that all three could be sorted out. When December last year came around, the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera announced that she would not be renewing it, according to plan, yet when Semana Santa arrived it seems that the idea of getting cash into the municipal coffers got the better of her, so she renewed the beach contracts without modifying them – now we’re stuck with them for another year.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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