Reader’s Letter: Car Park Robberies

Dear Ed,

Thank you for the article and appeal for CAS in the Mach issue of The Seaside Gazette – it was greatly appreciated. For your information, in February we have homed 35 dogs and have 20 more dogs ‘reserved’ to go abroad [to Germany, Holland and UK] which is really good news – but we still have at least another 120 requiring homes.

I am now seeking possible help from you on another matter concerning thieving. Women on their own, particularly mature and or those who are not too mobile appear to be the prime targets. Yesterday, a friend of mine had her handbag taken in a supermarket car park. She had put her purchases in the boot, her hand bag in the passenger side of the car and was getting into drive, when a man asked directions from her. Whilst talking to him, she heard the passenger door open and saw another man taking her bag. Before she could do anything both men ran off with her bag. She has been to the Guardia, who were very helpful and arranged for her credit and cash cards to be blocked. But the whole incident has left her upset and bewildered of what to do etc to get replacement cards and documents as well as how to manage until the replacements arrive. This is the 5th such incident I have personally heard about in the last 3 weeks.

I wonder if you could publish an article drawing attention to this type of theft, which is happening more frequently. All the victims have been women on their own in supermarket car parks and who are rather mature and are not too mobile [how about that for diplomacy!]. 

Also, do you have any contact with any other type of similar publications in this area that could be persuaded to feature an article along the the lines of the above with a view to highlighting this crime and hopefully reducing it? Who knows; with a concerted effort of this type, it might lead to the offenders being caught. The greater the awareness the better the chance of the thieves luck running out, because at the moment the Guardia do not have much of a chance in catching them as they are only alerted after the event.

Please see what you can do .

Regards Marjorie

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