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Castell Men in Court

The Public Prosecutor at the Granada law courts is recommending a 12-year prison sentence for a man in connection with a violent incident in Castell de Ferro.

Clean Fight

To the US of A now where, in Baltimore the usual Saturday morning shoppers and staff at a branch of Walmart had their normal day turned upside down. It all started in the cleaning materials aisle.

Wonky World x 2

Two articles from our February World Section. One about fighting clergy and the other about a gang of bank robbers who didn’t quite get what they came for…

Ungrateful Fork

Before you could say, “Peace be amongst you,” one of the two ‘combatants’ has him by the neck and is attempting to throttle him on the ground. Now, things are not going very well for the volunteer that particular evening, but they are set to deteriorate further, because the girlfriend of the aggressor decides that the volunteer needs a spot of cranial perforation and stabs him repeatedly in the head with her generously provided fork.