That Sinking Feeling

Otura, which is a town off the autovia just before Granada, is sinking about a centimetre a year – hardly free fall, admittedly, but not exactly clever, either.

The culprit, according to a scientific survey is the relentless plundering of the water table. In other words, huge amounts of subterranean water is being sucked out leaving the whole bedrock structure weakened.

Anybody that has driven up to Granada would have seen a whole army of incomplete housing on the right just after the Otura turnoff. The building boom really went to work on this hitherto small satellite town of the city of Granada.

The summer influx, together with the new 18-hole golf course, is what is creating this “thirst.” The normal population is only 6,600 but the summer months sees the population density rise to 270 inhabitants per square kilometre.

Anyway, the rate of subsidence is not dangerous because it is spread over a large area so it is not as if you are going to find a crater where your neighbour’s house was one morning, no matter how pleasing that might sound…

(News: Otura, Granada, Andalucia)

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