Marijuana Men Arrested

Two suspects have been arrested for allegedly growing nearly five hundred marijuana plants in a greenhouse of over 6,000 square meters.

The detained men, A.C.M and A.B.G, 45 and 41 years respectively, from Torrenueva and Castell de Ferro, have appeared in court charged with crimes against public health.

This is one of the biggest drug arrests this year in the Costa Tropical area, with the seized plants weighing in at close to a tonne in weight, which could have produced more than 100 kilos of marijuana, with a street value of around half a million euros.

The arrests were the culmination of an operation conducted by Narcotics Section of the Motril National Police, who made several seizures of plants some months ago in different parts of the Granada province and they have been monitoring the area since that time.

The agents conducted a surveillance operation when the greenhouse was located in the annexe of Puntalon Motril, during the last month, hoping to catch the arrested men red-handed.

At the time of the arrest of the men, they were reportedly working in the greenhouse on their cultivation, with a total of 430 marijuana plants in various stages of growth, ensuring the production chain would be maintained for a long time, most of the plants were between one and two meters high.

With this operation, the Narcotics Section of the National Police in Motril has managed to capture and prosecute more than a dozen drug dealers this year alone.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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