Square Improvements

Just a little more electioneering – the Mayor has announced a ‘re-beautification’ of the square around the old City Hall, up in the Old Town. The local newspaper regurgitated a press release from the Town Hall, describing the plan in such glowing terms that you would think we were relocating the Alhambra to Salobreña.
Apparently, the plan is to redevelop the square (and I quote), in a “comprehensive renovation that will change the image completely and give you the splendour of other times when it was the hub of social life.” There’s also talk of a central fountain, benches, indirect lighting, arcades and a local museum. I mean; I used to write advertising copy, and even I could not bring myself to spout such redolent garbage! Oh – I forgot to mention the cost. It’s only  €95,000, plus the loss of a lot of (very scarce) parking.  Oh, never mind, then.

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