Judge Permanently Suspended

Whereas literally millions of Spaniards were angered by the suspension of Juez Baltazar Garzón, not so many tears were shed for Motril judge, Adelina Entrena when it was announced that she had been definitively expelled from the ranks of judges. Certainly not by the man who remained locked up in prison for over a year after he should have been released, thanks to this judge’s ‘oversight.’

The Supreme Court has thus ratified the finding of the CGPJ (General Board of Judges), finding that this omission was not a mere lapse, but rather ‘absolute neglect.’

Yet it was not just one prisoner that was left it prison instead of being released upon completing his sentence, but four! The prison authorities could not release the prisoners without an order from the judge.

When the proverbial hit the fan, inspectors were sent down to Motril to investigate and found that the court over which she habitually presided was in chaos, as far as administrative order went.

However, the affair that sunk here was the Caso Campoy, named after the Motril man that was left languishing in jail a further year after he had been acquitted. Admittedly, one look at José Campoy Maldonado doesn’t inspire spontaneous trust – indeed he has an impressive criminal record, bless him, but keeping this unshaven, swarthy gentleman in jail for a dozen months or more when he should legally have been ‘on the outside,’ was just a little bit naughty.

Yet, dear Adelina wasn’t just prone to dumping people in the oubilette; she also took it upon herself to ‘slow down’ judicial proceedings against her ex-boyfriend – one that she herself had instigated after she had reported him for allegedly threatening her. She was suspspended for five months over this. Yes, how could the speed of the Spanish judicial system be any slower, you ask, incredously, but that is what she did in fact attempt to do.

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