Beaches … what beaches? As the Easter holidays approach, the Town Hall has suddenly realised that they are going to get a whole bunch of tourists into the area but the beaches in the area, especially in Playa Granada/golf course, aren’t there any more! Ho hum … what to do? Blame it on the weather is a good one to start with and the intense rains we have been having for the past three months are the excuse this time round.
If you have been monitoring the news here over the past few years you will know that the state of the beaches are always discussed and nothing is ever done about them apart from plonking some new sand down occasionally. If you want tourists then you have to have decent beaches … doh … this ain’t rocket science after all.
You can go and sell an area to the world at every tourist show on the planet but without decent beaches, you are going to get nowhere. It is not just about cleaning the beaches, the water has to be clean too and this sure isn’t the case in this area when every year the environmental groups get going and rate the beaches which all get pretty appalling ratings. Beaches need sea defences in the event of bad weather; you only have to look at other beach areas around Spain to see how they defend their beaches from the weather.
Yes, the Easter period is a springboard for the summer but by mid-March it is a little late in the year to start discussing possible solutions and as possible solutions have been discussed for years but not one decision made or implemented, this is all get pretty damned boring.

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