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A Warm Easter Weekend

AND The weather El Tiempo

Whilst the streets in our coastal towns look like they’re holding daily furniture races put on by the KKK, spring is finally pushing the temperatures up.

Roads & Supermarkets

COS Tail Backs A-44 Easter

The are two clear indications that Semana Santa has begun; the A-44 Autovia has traffic nose to tail and the supermarkets on the coast are packed.

Snow But No Go

GRA Sierra Nevada Reopens DC20

The semi-public company that runs the Sierra Nevada ski resort will be in tears enough to melt the snow because there’s a strike at Easter.

A Fortnight Away

AND PM Moreno Andalucia

The PM of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno announced if the situation continues to improve as it is doing, provincial borders will reopen in 15 days.

Less Water Consumed

ALM Municipal Water Deposits

The company that manages the water supply for the Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropical, Aguas y Servicios, shows that water consumption during Easter was down.