Square Anger

Well, the locals are not very happy with how the central square, La Plaza de San José turned out, are they – especially the old folk. Many complain that before it had a traditional charm about it, with its wild orange trees and cobbled surface – now it doesn’t have any park benches, they complain. In fact, apart from four symmetric litter bins, it’s got bugger all else *sniff.*
What’s more the locals can understand why they’ve placed four marble posts around La Virgen if the day after it’s inauguration they took the chain away!
“I don’t reckon that they went out of their way to do it badly, but it’s just that they didn’t bother asking anybody about it,” complained José María Parra, adding “We had to collect signatures to stop them taking the La Virgen away!”
A woman called Concepción had the following observation to make: “Those tall palm trees are horrible and only serve as hideaways for tree rats.”
The fact is that the locals are saddened and more than a little annoyed because Plaza San José is the village’s most cherished square – one that always had a traditional air about it.
And you can’t help but agree that things have been done shoddily because one of the sides of the square still has the original surface material, which give the impression that they ran out of the new material and just left it as it was.
“It’s terrible. It’s grey, serious looking and spending that amount of money on it was absurd,” observed a lady that runs a business in the square. To top it all of, the nighttime illumination is inadequate, many believe.

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