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Missing Children

The father of two children, Ruth 6 and Jose 2, reported that they had gone missing at a playpark in Cordoba. However, police didn’t believe him from the start, according to the Spanish media, who are collectively making it clear that they don’t either.

Fair Play!

Have you heard the one about the The Mayor, Costas and a few fairground rides? Well, sit back and immerse yourself in the mud-wrestling event that is local politics.
The whole story centres around an ‘alleged’ telephone call received on the 17th March at the Town Hall from Costas, which in effect said that permission had been refused for the installation of fairground rides on the paseo for this year’s San Jose event.

Law Abiding

Hopefully you wont require the services of our José Luis Sanchez Parejo, who works from his office in La Herradura, because if you do, it probably means you have some sort of legal problem. You’ve guessed it, he’s a particularly good lawyer, and very friendly chap as well.