Blustery Three Kings

As we mentioned in last month’s Gazette, roadworks are progressing on the Lanjarón’s main street, albeit slowly. Well, it doesn’t look like there has been any ‘acceleration’ in that department lately, either.
In fact with the recent inclement weather, soil has turned to slippery mud, making my daily transit through that area, to and forth from the junior school, a ‘precarious’ experience.

Locals say that this year’s Cabalgata de Los Reyes Magos, is going to be a blustery affair, because it will take the route of La Variente, which is pretty unprotected from the belligerent, chilling wind, hurtling down the mountain. There will not be much chance, therefore, of catching a glance of the ‘little angels’ wings’ as they will be hidden beneath thick coats to fend off the cold!

The hotels are closing, one by one, putting boards up in the windows and the elderly, who normally made daily shuffles down to the spas have disappeared from the street as well, together with their animated chattering about who did what in such and such hotel, or having a go about their companions tracksuit.

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