Country Lanes to be Tarmacked

Two further tracks are being asphalted in Motril, one being Camino del Canal and the other is camino Cortijo Los Vázquez, all courtesy of the Agricultural Department of the Town Hall of Motril.
The work was checked and approved on a visit by the Deputy Mayor, Francisco Villoslada, who was accompanied around the works by Concepción Abarca, the local coordinator for the dependent towns, and several technicians involved in the work.
Franciso Villoslada explained during the visit that the asphalting team are working now to complete these tracks, with a total length of 1,320 metres and at a cost of 98,600 euros. “The local people have been quick to inform us, they have not seen asphalting machines here for very many years” he pointed out.
The work underway is cleaning and clearing the land, and preparing the ground and levelling ready for the surface and speed bump sections.
Mr. Villoslada again reminded us that the City of Motril would be carrying out the work in conjunction with the local Carchuna and Calahonda Autonomous council, who would save all the costs of machinery and staff on the project.
The local coordinator welcomed this, seeing it as a saving for local people as well, in view of the large amount of asphalting required during the works.
The Deputy Mayor concluded that he would like to see all the old local routes reformed in this way.

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