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Hotel Bahía Protests

ALM Hotel Bahia Protests

Workers at the Hotel Bahía Tropical in Almuñécar demonstrated on the 10th against an “anti-union” attitude from the Hotel and abusing work-condition accords.

Almuñécar Aquarium Closed

The Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón, accompanied by other Town Council officials including the Chief of Local Police went to the Aquario to explain the situation. Also invited was Aliart Engineering S.L; i,e., the company that will be running the company once the new lease is sorted.

Hunger Strike?

It now seems that the social care association, Adhara, is threatening to go on hunger strike if the Town Hall does not pay them what is owing to them. They say that they cannot pay their workers, who provide home help and other services for the elderly and infirm, if funds are not received.