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Corks Vs. Screwcaps

If you go into a supermarket in the UK, the majority of wine bottles will be sealed with screwcaps. In a supermarket in Spain or France there are very few. Why is this?

New Wines


We should be extremely grateful to Viognier for coming along when it did. We, white wine drinkers, were looking for something new that wasn’t oaked Chardonnay or zesty Sauvignon blanc.

Pairing Cheese and Wine


General de Gaulle, the former president of France once said that it was impossible to govern a country that produced 250 different cheeses! Today it’s more like 350.

La Yerba Buena

(MO) José Antonio from La Yerba Buena told me they will be expanding their outdoor terrace this week to include seating as far out as to the blue parking zone. Perfect timing as the even hotter August weather is fast approaching.

Olivares in Nerja!

Olivares has opened a brand new shop on Calle Chaparil – 2, in Neja. I took myself along to their opening to have a look at the wide range of international goods available. With products from Germany, Scandinavia, South America, and Britain there was no shortage of choice. I also found myself taking a good long look at the great selection of fine wines and spirits.

Eroski Invite

Now here’s a good place to be on the 21st of October… Yes, I know most people would not think that going to a supermarket is the most exciting of events, but this is a little different. Eroski in Almuñécar have decided to meet their customers socially, and as such they will be giving out…

La Trattoria

In a little square, right in the middle of Almuñécar, La Trattoria, is like a hidden treasure. The reason this restaurant/pizzeria survives is because people know a good thing when they find it, and return again and again.