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The Majuelo Swamps

The Almuñécar archeologist, Elena Navas, has responded so doubts cast on the accumulation of water in the fish-salting pits in the Parque Majuelo.

Drought Worries

The snow on the Sierra Nevada has gone, the reservoirs are half empty and we haven’t even begun the summer, and it’s not just locally, the whole of Spain is abnormally dry.

Basements Swamped

A tremendous problem during this prolonged rainfall has been the rising water table, as mentioned in last month’s Seaside Gazette.

Rising Watertable Problems

One of the problems produced by the constant rainfall is the rise in the water-table, which has flooded out basements in Almuñécar and La Herradura, one of which is the Aquarium, which had to be closed down for about a week to pump the encroaching water out.