The Majuelo Swamps

ALM MAJUELO-AGUAThe Almuñécar archeologist, Elena Navas, has responded so doubts cast on the accumulation of water in the fish-salting pits in the Parque Majuelo.

She has confirmed that it is fresh (not salt) water than is eminating there owing to the prolonged spring-season rains – people had observed that even though it had not rained in over a week, there was an increasing amount of water in the pits.

She explained how this wasn’t a problem in Roman times because the salt-fishing factory was on dry land and what is now San Cristobal was a small bay, so the water table emptied out directly into the sea. However, with the passing of centuries, the silt brought down by the river not only filled up the bay, but also covered up the archeological site.

In other words, back then the site was not lower than the surrounded land, as it is now, hence the spring water coming out into the pits.

We would like to point out in relation to this problem, many of the buildings on the P-4 and San Cristobal have problems with water coming up in the basements. Hotel Almuñécar Playa, for instance, has pumps working 24 hours a day since it was built around 17 years go, keeping the basement dry.

Going back to the Majuelo pits, it might be a natural spring, but one look at the pond flora and fauna should put you off trying to drink the stuff!

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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