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Motril Park Problems

The PP opposition party in Motril will put forward a motion at the next Council Plenary Meeting for renovation work to be carried out on the Parque de los Pueblos de América.

Parent Power

What do you do when the authorities won’t or can’t repair your kiddy’s school? You do it yourself, which is what is happening in Loja in the Poniente de Granada.


If you don’t know this Spanish word, it means, “bad,” or “the pits.” And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the only way to describe the Bank of Spain forecast for 2013.

Interview: Mayor of Almuñécar

The interview with the Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, was given in her office at the Town Hall on the 26th of January 2012. The Mayor was asked questions concerning parking, unemployment and progress on the A-7 autovia between Taramay and Lobres.

The Feminine Touch

As far as I can remember, Almuñécar has never been as beautifully adorned for Christmas as this year. The spectacular Christmas tree at the Town Hall square, with hundreds of poinsettias in a 7 metre high structure, and the fabulous decorations of the many roundabouts, especially the one at Avenida Carlos I, with a huge cello in the middle.

Record Unemployment in Salobreña

The IU councillor, Ángel Coello will present a motion in the next plenary meeting of the Town Council to create an employment plan and job reserve as a means of combating rising unemployment in the town, which presently stands as 1,558. “There are many families that have used up all their unemployment benefit entitlement and…

Crisis Attrition

Since 2007 a stunning 5,000 businesses have gone down the drain in Granada – imagine how many have gone bust all over the country.

Unemployment Woes

Now, onto more serious stuff; the latest economic data for Spain indicates a national unemployment rate approaching 20%. In Andalucía, it’s higher still, about 24%. And in Salobreña, the Mayor has just announced that we have at least 21% unemployment within our small community.