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Now is the time when the Spanish landscape dresses up in bright yellow colours. In Taramay, the streets are lined with luscious Mimosa trees in full bloom. Meadows and valleys are covered with the frail, but fierce Buttercup Oxalis.

Wax-Provoked Accident

The judge presiding over the case of the moped rider who skidded on wax left by a Semana Santa procession came up with a Solomonic solution. He blamed the street-cleaning company… and the victim.

The Great Wax Clean Up

In an exercise of futility, it appears, the Town Hall ordered that the zebra crossings on Avenida de Andalucia be repainted on the very eve of Semana Santa – they wanted the place to look smart before the crowds arrived.

La Avenida de Cala

Residents will have noticed that the pavement in front of the Beep computer shop, next to the municipal market, is undergoing reform work. The adjustments to the pavement is being made in accordance to a request received from the Semana Santa brotherhoods, who find that their throne bearers often come a cropper there.

Mirador Facelift

Anybody who has been up to the top of the old town, to the parking next to the church, will have seen workmen digging up the concrete surface in front of the church. The reason for this is that the Public Works Department of the Town Hall has decided to do something about the damp problem caused by rainwater seeping down into the tunnel.

Easter Pardon

Let’s start off with some good news this month – God knows that there isn’t much news for the town this month, other than political pledges for the local elections on the 25th of this month.