Shameful Delay?

GRA Delayed Mask DistributionThe international market for medical masks and personal protective equipment has become a jungle with everybody from town halls to national governments vying for them.

So when they almost reach their destination but are delayed because somebody thinks that it being a public holiday is more important than delivering it, then you can only wonder at the bureaucratic idiocy that abounds.

This appears to be the case in Granada where the Provincial Council is sitting on a delivery of masks because it is Easter Friday.

Home care workers have been pleading for masks since the crisis began and there are 2,300 of them within the province. They should be supplied by their corresponding town hall or home-care company. Accordingly, the Provincial Council has repeatedly demanded this equipment from the Junta emphasising how urgent it was.

Accordingly on Wednesday night, around 20.00h, a Regional Board contacted the MP for Social Welfare requesting information about the number of masks already received, resulting in the Junta sent a first batch of 4,900 masks for the whole province followed by another batch of 10,000, so that the Provincial Board could distribute them.

Almost a half of the second batch (4,340) were distributed to townships of 20,000 inhabitants and over.

That same Wednesday evening the Junta informed the Provincial Council that they had another 20,000 masks for them

Yet these masks are remaining in storage until Monday, once Semana Santa is over.

The Regional Government Delegate for the province, Pablo García, claims that his  department offered to hand them over that same Wednesday night to the Provincial Council but nobody turned up to collect them. They informed him, he said, that until Monday morning it would be “complicated” to receive them.

The Provincial Council, on the other hand, says that to mount an operation to distribute 20,000 masks isn’t an easy task, especially when informed at ten in the evening on the eve of a holiday period.

“During those days home-care service is reduced to a minimum; the home carers don’t begin to work until Monday,” explained the provincial councillor, Olvido de la Rosa. Furthermore, in the opinion of the said councillor, it is lamentable that they are only informed about the delivery during the evening of the day before a festive period begins, using the affair for political gain. (the Junta is governed by a rightwing coalition and the Provincial Council by the socialists).

The Councillor says that the masks should be delivered first thing Monday morning, not in the evening, which was when the 10,000 masks were delivered.

In the meantime, the eleven boxes of masks (containing 2,000 each) remain piled in the Junta’s offices, waiting to be delivered, where they will remain until Monday.

Editorial comment: Fiestas? Holidays? What planet do these politicians live on? Normal people don’t even know that it is a holiday because they are shut up in their homes! Sack the bloody lot at both ends of the problem.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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