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Couple Rescue off El Tesorillo

By Hugh MacArthur

A couple were saved from drowning on an Almuñécar beach yesterday by a municipal policeman and a beachgoer. »

Elderly Beachgoer Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

Lifeguards on Playa de Velilla in Almuñécar saved the life of an elderly gentleman some 60 metres off the beach on Friday. »

Blind Pedestrian & Tram Train

By Vivienne Hughes

A blind woman was saved from being run over by a surface metro train in Granada on the 3rd of this month thanks to the rapid response of a police officer. »

Policeman Saves Baby

By Martin Myall

A Guardia Civil policeman based in Castro del Río (Córdoba) saved the life of a baby who had been choking. »

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