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Pantano Museum

Many foreigners living on the Costa Tropical know El Pantano de Bermajeles as simply, The Lake, even though, as its Spanish name suggests, it is a reservoir. The dam itself is impressive, offering spreading views across the water, and the old installations looking rather like an abandoned army base provide an interesting walk.

Water Supply Guaranteed

Well, as you’re moaning about what a dismal beginning the summer has had, look on the bright side because there won’t be any water shortages in the next two years, at least.

El Pantano de los Bermejales

Found on the other side of the coastal mountains is the stunning Bermejales Reservoir. Now you’ll definitely need transport to get to this one, as its located 77 km inland from Almuñécar, but the impressive drive is well worth the effort. I made the journey last month perched precariously on the back of Ed’s bike…