Reader’s Letter: Rules

RulesDear Editor!

In your June edition (Vol 13 No.: 6) you have an article on the dam north of Motril, on the road to the city of Granada.

I have been in and out of the district since its construction began and have observed the progress. I was convinced it was built primarily to provide hydroelectric power.

I found that rather odd since the water supply obviously would come from Sierra Nevada. The right solution would then be to build a dam or a set of dams at highest possible level, and pipe the water down to power stations located at the lowest possible point above the sea level.

Generated electricity would then be many times larger than from the reduced potential in said dam. The ‘used’ water would of course be available for irrigation and consumption.

Now it appears from your article that electricity is not being generated at all. If that is correct the scandal is of unprecedented proportions.

Best regards,
Erik B. Naess

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