Rules Goes Hydro-Electric

RulesThe Junta de Andalucia has awarded a contract for the installation of a hydro-electric plant in Rules Dam.

Declared, ironically, the biggest swimming pool in Europe, Rules Reservoir has had no use since in was finally filled several years ago because there is no irrigation system to take the water anywhere.

Until now, therefore, the only water that comes out of there is sent down the river to maintain the its ecosystem.

Unlike Beznar and Bermejales, the Rules Reservoir was not designed to also have a hydro-electric generation station incorporated but things have changed with Hidroeléctrica Cuerva S.L. bagging a juicy contract to install the necessary mechanisms and machinery.

A total of six companies put forward projects with the above-mentioned one being chosen. They now have one month to officially request the contract.

Apart from having to install the system, the lease, which is valid up to a maximum of 50 years, the company has to pay a yearly payment (canon) to the Junta.

The capacity of the hydro-electric generators should produce is, as a minimum, 22-million kWh (22,000 mega watts/hour) which is equivalent to the energy needs of 7,250 dwellings in the province.

On an ecological note, it is equivalent to avoiding 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide produced by carbon-fuel-powered generation plants.

The Pantano de Rules, which can hold just over 113 cubic hectometres of water, is fed by Río Guadalfeo, as well as Río Ízbor and Río Lanjarón, as well as the rivers on south-face of the Sierra Nevada as Río Trevélez, Río Poqueira, Río Cádiar, Río Chico and Río Sucio.

(News: Velez Benaudalla, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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