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ALM Irrigation Water SuplusThe Presa de Rules might be on hold but farmers in El Valle de Río Verde got cracking and knocked up a reservoir big enough to drown a whale in.

Yep, whilst Europe’s biggest swimming pool, a.k.a. El Pantano de Rules, brims in desperation and politicians of all colours practice their favourite sport, “Y tú más,” the irrigation community in Río Verde built a 26-million-litre reservoir to water their crops.

The big difference, apart from capacity, is that the farmers’ reservoir actually has a distribution network to take the water to where it is needed.

OK, OK, they did have a grant from the Mancomunidad because it cost 330,000 euros, plus bocadillos de salchichón y un porrón de costa seco, which is the Spanish workman’s equivalent of cornedbeef sarnies and a cuppa.

Work started in February on Stages III and IV of the project; i.e., laying the distribution network to Jete and Almuñécar (200,000 euros) using 30 people who had, until then, been out of work.

“It involved 1,600 metres of pipes, which joined up to pipes already laid in Stages I & II, bringing it up to 3,500 metres laid,” explained the Chairman of the Mancomunidad, Sergio Garcia Alabarce.

The pipe network will bring recycled water from the sewage-treatment plant (EDAR) in Almuñécar, up the valley to the new reservoir and distributed from there.

The Chairman of the Río Verde Irrigation Community, Manuel Novo, explained that the reservoir needed an area of land of some 5,800 sq/m.

(News: Almunecar/Jete, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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