Rajoy A-7 Promise

HUM Rajoy straightHere we have it, from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. We all know that if Rajoy makes a promise… he is sure to keep it! Furthermore, he is renowned as a man never to go back on his word.

Alright, enough jolly japes at Mr. Rajoy’s expense, what did the Prime Minister actual say about the A-7?

Speaking today, he said, “we understand the importance of this route for Eastern Andalusia.” He went on to explain how the the missing autovia will be in place in 2015, not only that, but also that he would himself be at the inauguration.

So, why is Mr. Rajoy suddenly very interested in our little bit of A-7? Well, to be honest, it’s not just the A-7… he was making promises and talking up the future for Andalucia in general, as part of the ‘Central Government Andalucía Action Day,’ which was organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Almeria. You can almost smell those elections looming on the horizon.

Other subjects touched upon by the Prime Minister were the high-speed rail link between Almeria and Murcia which he stated would be implemented “as quickly as possible,” but because of budget issues, he would not put any date on completion. There were also bits about the investment being made in the Huercal-Overa to Guadix pipeline.

But we don’t care here on the Costa Tropical about the other stuff! We just want that bloody motorway finished!

Would readers mind if we didn’t hold our collective breath on this particular Rajoy promise?


(News, Andalusia)

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