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Motril Park Arson

All indications point towards the fire in Motril’s Parque de Las Americas being the work of an arsonist. Around 50 palm trees went up in flames around 21.30h on Friday the 21st of February.

Cerro Gordo Pyromaniac Strikes Again

On Sunday the 12th another fire was started on Cerro Gordo, bringing the local pyromaniac’s score up to ten since the end of last summer. On each of these occasions, fortunately, the fire was detected and put out before it it cause great damage, thanks to the rapid call outs of the fire services.

Pyromaniac Targets Cerro Gordo

The Guardia Civil is going all out to track down the culprit behind four deliberate fires on Cerro Gordo; one of the few pine forests left on the Costa del Sol.