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Evil Vet & Dastardly Hunters

By Vivienne Hughes

Seven locals from Tierra de Barros (Badajoz) were arrested for cruelty to animals. Also arrested was a vet charged with the same and forgery. »

Homes for Strays

By Vivienne Hughes

The Provincial Council of Granada has begun a programme for finding homes for strays in coordination with town halls entitled, Zero Deaths. »

Stabbed Aunt Over Pet Death

By Martin Myall

A 27-year-old man confessed before a jury that he had stabbed his aunt more than 40 times over the death of his dog, which had been put down by a vet. »

Meanwhile, at the Dog House

By Louise Powell

The Manager of the Motril municipal dog pound, Eduardo Rodríguez, said that 91 strays had been taken in during July. »

Horses & The Crisis

By Martin Myall

We have all heard of how families are not only finding it difficult to make ends meet, but in many cases, living with relations after losing their house or searching through rubbish bins for food, but if there is one thing that can force a groan of sympathy from Northern European, especially the British,... »

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