Meanwhile, at the Dog House

MOT Dog Home OnLThe Manager of the Motril municipal dog pound, Eduardo Rodríguez, said that 91 strays had been taken in during July.

In fact, since the service first came into being on the 8th of October, 2012, a total of 1,980 abandoned animals have passed through its doors.

The Motril Councillor for Salud y Consumo, Margarita Yanguas, said the innovation of having a beach designated for dogs helped bring down the numbers of animals being abandoned during the summer holidays, because holiday makers could bring their dogs with them to the beach.

She also urged pet owners to have their dogs/cats neutered to prevent unwanted offspring. In fact, she pointed out that the majority of animals left on Dog House‘s doorstep in Rambla de Puntalón were puppies and kittens.

The Dog House manager, Sr. Rodríguez added that there had been an increase of pets being brought in from other municipalities, precisely because it is known that Motril has such facilities.

He went on to reject the accusations levied by several organizations that the Dog House had put down more animals than the law stipulates: of the 91 animals taken in during July, 15 died of the illnesses or injuries that they had arrived with, whilst another 13 were officially put down.

Finally, he pointed out that the majority of adoptions came from Jarela, which finds home for cats, SOS and Animales sin Suerte, accounting for 45 of the 91 animals taken in by Dog House. Two of the animals were claimed by their owners, ten were adopted privately and a further five we temporarily found homes with ‘foster owners.’

The Councillor ended by reminding people that if they were thinking about acquiring a pet, they should come to them first where they can find one for free, barring the veterinary costs of injections, the microchip and documentation.

(News: Motril, Costa tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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