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Port Road Changes

The pavement along the Motril port road (Avenida Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza) is undergoing road works to prevent people parking along it and improve the safety of pedestrians.

Yes, But No

A judge has ordered the City Hall of Granada to pay out 2,500 euros in damages, after a woman tripped over the stump of a missing road sign. The victim had asked for 5,000 but the judge considered the accident was her fault too.

La Avenida de Cala

Residents will have noticed that the pavement in front of the Beep computer shop, next to the municipal market, is undergoing reform work. The adjustments to the pavement is being made in accordance to a request received from the Semana Santa brotherhoods, who find that their throne bearers often come a cropper there.

Crazy Fine

A resident of Motril has complained about his treatment by local police officers who fined him for walking in the road.
Ricardo Romero was completely flabbergasted at what happened as he walked down the very narrow street of Piedrabuena, with his sister.
They had been shopping and had a small ‘pull along’ shopping basket, but the pavement was so narrow that they could not both fit, so Ricardo naturally stepped into the road.