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German Arrested over Stabbing

By Martin Myall

Incredibly, just 15 days into 2019, there have already been two women in Spain who have died allegedly at the hands of the male partners. »

Citizen’s Arrest

By Hugh MacArthur

Thanks to the rapid intervention of two young men, a woman was rescued from her partner who had been setting about her in the centre of Granada. »

Reverse Domestic Violence

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman has been arrested for allegedly attacking her aged partner with an iron bar; she 38 an and he's 80, by the way. »

Attacked with Boiling Oil

By Martin Myall

A 28-year-old man has been arrested in Barañaina (Navarra), accused of throwing boiling oil from a frying pan onto his partner's face and body whilst she slept. »

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